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Romance shouldn’t be limited to just those special occasions marked on your calendar, like Valentine’s Day or your Wedding Anniversary. It’s easy to add romance to your relationship with your spouse every day. It doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture every time. It’s important to remember that little things go a long way. Here are 50 simple and easy ideas to do something romantic for your spouse today and every day.

  1. Leave a love note on their pillow for them to find at bedtime
  2. Give them a foot, back, shoulder, or anywhere massage
  3. Cook them dinner and feed it to each other
  4. Get their car washed or detailed
  5. Go for a casual walk and hold hands
  6. Text or email them “I love you!”
  7. Turn on their favorite romantic song and ask them to dance
  8. Give them a long, lingering kiss
  9. Take them out to their favorite restaurant
  10. Write them a love note on the bathroom mirror – in the steam after a shower, or with lipstick
  11. Offer to shave your spouse’s legs or face
  12. Leave a love note on their car
  13. Surprise them with a visit during their lunch hour at work
  14. Whisper a compliment in their ear
  15. Draw them a bubble bath
  16. Hop in the bath or shower with them
  17. Give them an award for being the best at something. A printed certificate, a ribbon, or a dollar store medal will make it more official
  18. Call them just to say you love them
  19. Let them choose the movie you see
  20. Pack them a lunch and include a love note
  21. Go stargazing
  22. Buy them flowers
  23. Do one of their chores
  24. Wake up and watch the sunrise together
  25. Be the first to say you’re sorry after a fight
  26. Kiss her hand with an old-fashioned flourish…. Lower your lips to her hand
  27. Make a toast to your spouse
  28. Write or read them a poem
  29. Open the door for her
  30. Ask them what you can do to help make their day easier
  31. Hold hands
  32. Cuddle on the couch
  33. Buy them their favorite candy or treat
  34. Tell them five things you love about them
  35. Visit the place you had your first kiss or the place you proposed
  36. Get their oil changed
  37. Fill their car with gas
  38. Book a couple’s massage
  39. Plan a romantic getaway
  40. Scatter rose petals on the bed
  41. Light some candles and turn off the lights
  42. Pack a picnic and eat together at the park
  43. Freshen up for them before you see them after work
  44. Unplug the TV and put a note on it that says “turn me on instead”
  45. Buy them a “his and hers” matching gift, such as robes, pajamas, t-shirts, luggage, towels, etc.
  46. Mail them a card
  47. Bake them a cake, brownies or cookies
  48. Give them a hug and don’t pull away first
  49. Frame a favorite photo of the two of you and hang it in the house
  50. Take a day off work together and just hang out in bed all day (clothing optional)
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