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What to Do if Your Marriage Lacks Intimacy

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Does your marriage lack intimacy? There are many couples out there who find that the intimacy in their marriage isn’t meeting their needs. When this happens, it can cause marital problems and even divorce if it is left unaddressed. Of course, no one wants to divorce the spouse they love because of a lack of intimacy - so if your marriage lacks intimacy, look at the following guide which will help you address the problems caused by a lack of intimacy and take steps to improve the intimacy in your marriage!

What Causes a Lack of Intimacy?

First, it’s important to understand what is causing the lack of intimacy in your marriage. There are many things which cause a lack of intimacy in a marriage, which can include:

  • Differences in libido due to hormones, medications, or age

  • One partner feeling unloved due to lack of non-sexual intimacy

  • One partner feeling less physical attraction to their ...

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