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Steps for Encouraging Family Unity

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With so many priorities pulling at each of us, it may seem difficult for a family to feel like a cohesive group. If you want to feel like your family has a little more of an "all for one and one for all" attitude, then you are looking for more family unity. Family unity often starts with mom and dad making an effort to create it. There are several things you can do as parents to help create more unity in your family. Here are a few simple steps:

Step One: Put Your Family First

Make sure your family knows, not just by your words but by your actions, that your family is your first priority. Avoid putting other things ahead of family time and family responsibilities. Be committed and loyal to each family member. Make sacrifices of other things when necessary to make sure your family is taken care of. 

Step Two: Dine Together as a Family

Family dinners play an incredibly important role when it comes to fostering family unity. In the ...

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