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Keeping the Fire Alive and Well in Your Marriage

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Marriage is the commitment and promise to spend the rest of your lives together - but that doesn’t mean that marriage doesn’t change your relationship dynamic over time. Over time, it’s easy for the "fire" in your marriage, that passion which brought you two together, to begin to waver and decline. When that fire goes out, it can lead to a marriage without love or passion; and that type of marriage is typically not long for the world. That is why it’s so important to keep the fire alive and well in your marriage; and, thankfully, it’s not all that difficult to keep your marriage passionate once you know the right steps. The following are some essential tips that will keep your marriage just as passionate, fiery and loving as it was on Day 1 of the honeymoon.

Don’t let your sex life become stagnate

As a married couple, you should not let your sex life become stagnate, dull and boring. This doesn’t mean you need ...

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