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What are the best sex positions? The answer will depend on many different things! It is true that there are no universal best sex positions, as everyone has different preferences in regards to sex; but if you are looking to find some of the best sex positions for your married life, consider the following positions that are some of the most popular for married couples.

What Makes Something the Best Sex Position?

It’s important to note again that there are no definite best sex positions, as everyone’s personal preferences will vary. Some people may prefer certain positions because they are easier to do and cause less physical exertion; others might prefer positions that get their heart racing a million miles a minute. When you’re a married couple, it’s important to talk with your spouse about your sexual preferences so that you two can figure out what you prefer together.


Let’s get this one out of the way: missionary is the classic sex position for a reason. It’s easy to do, feels great for both partners, and can be modified in an endless amount of ways to suit your personal preferences. Of course, some people might find missionary "boring," but there’s nothing wrong with a "classic", so to speak. To do this position, the receiving partner is lying on their back while the other partner lies on top of them.

Doggy Style

Doggy style’s name leaves much to be desired, but there’s a reason that this position is so popular: it allows for greater control, deeper penetration and the spouse "on top" can have their hands free for additional use during sex. This is a rear entry position where the receiving spouse will be on their hands and knees (typically on the bed, where pillows and other comfort items can be used to add support and comfort) while the other spouse kneels and enters from behind. Like missionary, this position can be modified in many different ways based on your preferences.


Cowgirl, or "woman on top" position, is popular because it encourages a unique position that gives both partners a chance to change up the sexual experience in several different ways. The woman can choose to go fast or slow depending on the couple’s preference; they can choose to use different motions, such as bouncing or slowly moving up or down; and an endless number of variations that make sex more interesting and fun for both spouses.

Tips for Modifying the Best Sex Positions

The above three sex positions are often considered the best for many reasons, including the fact that they can all be modified to suit different tastes and physical needs. When you want to modify the above poses, consider trying out the following tips:

  • Spreading or closing your legs to different degrees for a new sensation

  • Altering the level of penetration involved

  • Adding or removing pillows to achieve new angles

  • Going hands-free to pay attention to other parts of the body

Remember, there are no universal "best sex positions", but the few we listed above are certainly the most popular.

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