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There is an app for just about everything now, and that's no joke. Whether you want a tracker for sleep, diet, and exercise, an app that has meditations, or one that reminds you to water your plants - they have it. It isn't too surprising when so much of our lives are becoming digital, especially as it pertains to our smartphones. Apps for relationships are abundant and offer many different features that could be useful. An important thing to remember is that each of these apps is different and there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution. Still, with the number of apps out there is isn't hard to find one to meet your needs.

The bottom line for most of these apps is going to be communication and finding ways that both you and your partner can meet each others needs. There are apps that ask important questions made to help couples discuss serious issues in their relationship, and other apps that help you to plan dates or intimacy. Sometimes an app is great because it gives you a fun and useful format for discussing or making plans in your marriage, other times it helps break through communication barriers so that it's easier to talk about certain subjects.

One risk that should be noted about using apps in a relationship is that sometimes our screen time separates us more than it brings us together. Some couples might use apps as an excuse to spend more time on their phone rather than making the most out of its benefits. Using a relationship app in place of having a face-to-face conversation could be a bad idea, especially if one or both of you finds yourselves on the phone when you should be spending time together or talking things out.

If used correctly, however, relationship apps could help marriages by helping you and your partner to understand each other better. They can make it easier to express needs, determine long and short-term goals, and make other plans together. Some apps even require that a couple sit together while using them so that you can still see one another's body language and facial expressions.

There are apps that help you to identify common sexual interests, and others could help you fight more productively and healthily. Almost anything you want to work on can be found in app form. Apps can make it easier to improve problem areas in a relationship, communicate more effectively, and some turn these aspects into a game. One app allows you to keep track of nice things your partner does for you which could foster gratitude and help you acknowledge each other better as well as inspire you to do things for one another.

Ask yourself, or sit down with your husband or wife and talk to them about what you want to accomplish in your marriage. Is there something specific you want to improve? Perhaps you would just both benefit from having an easy platform to schedule dates and intimacy or try games that you could play together.

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