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The happiest couples actively work toward bringing positivity into their relationships. They are also inclined to gloss over the bad stuff and focus on the happy times they’ve had since the day they met. Have you ever had a very bad day or experience, then your husband or wife reminded you of something funny that happened to both of you, and in that exact moment, your worries simply faded away? This brings us to our first tip:

Bring Up Funny Moments

Relationships can sometimes be difficult, but those in happy marriages can tell you that even after all the ups and downs, remembering a funny moment can make all the difference and lighting up an otherwise somber mood. Reliving an experience that was funny and positive is a great way of injecting fun into your marriage.

Surprise Your Spouse

Everyone loves and appreciates a good surprise, especially when it is unexpected. Receiving a random gift tells you that your spouse is thinking about you and prioritizes your happiness. Now imagine making these moments last a lifetime like arranging an impromptu getaway for a weekend away from home once in a while.

Try Something New

New experiences not only reduce boredom and loneliness, but they also increase your self-confidence and esteem. This is especially beneficial for married couples who feel like they are stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over. There are many ways that a couple can mix things up, change their normal routine and challenge themselves. The idea is to approach new things with curiosity and focus on the enjoyment that can come from, for example, learning a new skill that will not only challenge your mind but will also break your routine and engage you socially.

Let Fun Times be Fun Times

It is not uncommon for couples to be at odds while doing something fun together. While conflicts are inevitable in marriages, allowing an argument to ruin a perfectly good day of fun and laughter, certainly defeats the purpose and often such couples are wary about going out together or spending quality time where fun is involved. Have you ever watched a couple have an all-out argument over a board game or who didn’t throw a Frisbee the right way? It happens, which is why couples need to learn how to protect their fun time from conflicts at all times, especially when they want to inject fun into their marriage.  When you're focussing on fun, don't get in the way of actually having fun together.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Ever wonder how someone who seems to be down on their luck can exude so much infectious positivity even when your heart is breaking on their behalf? Marriages are not easy, and sometimes all you want is someone who will pick you up when you are feeling down. Having good company, in this case, does help. Even though you enjoy your husband's or wife’s company, inviting a few of your good friends around for a meal or a game night can counterbalance any negativity and bring fun into your marriage.

Be Intentional About Having Fun Together

This starts with being more open to new experiences. You may be in a loving marriage, but other life priorities have taken precedence over having fun. You probably both have a bucket list that you wanted to complete when you were single or as a new year’s resolution. What better time to do it than the present. Provided you are ready to commit to the process; you can both chose one fun activity from each other’s bucket list that you know will get you out of your comfort zone, make it a priority and do it.

Give Your Sex Life a Revamp

While one of the first casualties of most marriages is usually the loss of sexual intimacy, it can be restored to its former glory and keep the passion alive in the marriage. “Scheduling” time for sex may sound a tad robotic and intimidating, but if you want to literally, spice things up in the bedroom and inject some fun into your marriage, a few things need to happen.

You will probably need to get rid of all the distractions in the bedroom, such as tv, phones, laptops, etc. and introduce a few mood-setting items such as scented candles or mood lighting.

Sex doesn’t have to be strictly at night and in your master bedroom. For a little fun and mischief, have sex in different rooms in the house and at a different time of the day. Sexy lingerie never hurts, and sleeping naked once in a while can also lead to unexpected but welcomed fun.

Become the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Endeavor to be the best version of yourself every day because unless your partner is “blind,” he or she is bound to notice the nice little changes in you. It is a well-known fact that people can only love and enjoy you as much as you love and enjoy yourself. Therefore, find your passion and pursue it and this time around, involve your better half, this way you are getting the best of both worlds.

You are more likely to get your spouse's attention if you are feeling happy yourself. So, go on, do what makes you happy, wear that sexy dress, put some makeup on, dance and sing around the house while doing your cleaning or when cooking. Positivity invites positivity. Involve your husband or wife to join you in whatever you are doing, but don’t be upset if they decline, instead, enjoy yourself anyway. Your happiness is bound to rub off on them, one way or another.

Remember, always focus on the good things about your marriage and your spouse, both in good and in bad times and learn to appreciate yourself too.

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