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Ways to Inject Some Fun Into Your Marriage

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The happiest couples actively work toward bringing positivity into their relationships. They are also inclined to gloss over the bad stuff and focus on the happy times they’ve had since the day they met. Have you ever had a very bad day or experience, then your husband or wife reminded you of something funny that happened to both of you, and in that exact moment, your worries simply faded away? This brings us to our first tip:

Bring Up Funny Moments

Relationships can sometimes be difficult, but those in happy marriages can tell you that even after all the ups and downs, remembering a funny moment can make all the difference and lighting up an otherwise somber mood. Reliving an experience that was funny and positive is a great way of injecting fun into your marriage.

Surprise Your Spouse

Everyone loves and appreciates a good surprise, especially when it is unexpected. Receiving a random gift tells you that your spouse is thinking ...

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