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Looking for some fun date ideas and getting a little tired of Dinner and a Movie?  After you've been married for a while it becomes more challenging to put together good ideas for date night out with your spouse.  What's your idea of a fun date idea? Are you and your spouse into sports, relaxing in a quiet place, seeking out an adrenaline rush, or exploring the world of science? You both want to have a great night out but you are struggling to come up with the right idea. Well, here are 25 fun things you can pick out to do on a date with your spouse.

Bicycle riding

This is one of the best, untraditional ways of traveling to unknown places. Discovering new places, making memories, taking pictures, grabbing a bite to eat or drink and getting some exercise out in the fresh air are great ways of spending time with your spouse. Bicycle rides are inexpensive or free, offer you lots of sightseeing and sunshine, and get you a good workout without you even realizing it.

21 Questions, Would You Rather, This or That, Never Have I Ever…

These question games are great for conversation starters and getting to know your spouse more on a richer and deeper level. This form of communication brings out a stronger connection and bond. You can incorporate these questions with other games for more entertainment and enjoyable experiences.

Playing Video Games or Board/Card Games

Who doesn’t like a game of Uno? Or Monopoly, Jenga, or various card games? Playing games allows you to see the competitive and strategic side of your spouse. It also brings about laughter and fun all night long.

Go to a Go-Karting track, Rollerblading ring or Bowling alley

Try out your racing skills on the track with your spouse. Or try acing the bowling ball through 12 pin bottles. The experience of landing on your butt a couple of times before you get it right. You can show them what you got and make great memories while having lots of fun.

Dance lessons

Take a single session of sign up for the entire dance class and learn one or more new dance styles.  Waltz, Salsa, Merengue, Rumba, Tango, Dancehall, Foxtrot, or Hip-Hop? Dancing is a great time and is both romantic and great for your health.

Try a new cuisine

Calamari or Spring chicken? Roasted duck or Stew turtle? Which exotic cuisine would you try next? Do you have what it takes to feast on the unknown with your spouse?  Who will be the bravest one?

Learn a new skill or language

Do you want to learn a new language or a new skill? This is one of the best ways to bond and connect with your spouse. You can sign up for cooking lessons, learn how to speak Mandarin or any language of your choice, visit a paint and sip session, learn to play the piano or any musical instrument, and/or share your hobby with your spouse.

Horseback riding

Afraid of heights or animals? Face your fears and try horse backing riding! I’m sure it will be a memorable date with your spouse.

Visit an amusement or water park

This is a great and exciting get away from home and the busy lifestyles you both live. A day at an amusement or water park is always a blast.

Water balloon fight

This is a great summertime idea! Bring out some freshly squeezed lemonade or orange juice with sandwiches for snacks. Let the war begin, who will defeat who in the battle of the water?

Rock climbing

Find a place with a rock, get some gear, and experience rock climbing. It is a fun physical activity that you two can do together.

Go to a VR café/arcade

What better way to scare your spouse than going to a VR café? Be sure to stay in the safe zone, we don’t want any accidents, do we now? This is a great way to experience gaming in a whole new level with your trusted sidekick/partner.

Skydiving, bungee jumping or ziplining

Jumping out of a plane sounds like a lot of fun until you're facing it for real. Isn’t this a fantastic way to face your fears and live a little? We only live once, right? How about ziplining or bungee jumping, something to get the heart pumping?

Night at the beach

You ever been to the beach at night? Is it spooky or exciting? You won’t know until you try it out for yourself! Living life on the edge with your partner in crime adds to the wild and crazy side of the relationship. It always keeps you guys on your toes, never wanting to come down from that high. Late dinner on the beach doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Scavenger hunt

Who knew hiding and finding objects could be so fun? Create a scavenger hunt game with your spouse for a fun-filling adventure. It is a great way to see how competitive and strategic your spouse thinks, as well as their critical thinking skills.

Playing a sport

Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Bowling? More physical activities for more fun and laughter. It will be even more exciting if you and your spouse have no idea how to play the sport or are bad at playing it.

Test driving a luxurious car

Always wanted to drive a Lamborghini or a Honda Civic Type R? You won’t buy it, but you can at least test drive it. This should be a fun way to experience the joy of driving your dream car.

Yoga with a twist

Don’t do the plane old yoga. Instead, do yoga with an interesting twist. How about removing the clothes before trying out some of those difficult poses?  The yoga session might not last very long, but at least you can say you've done yoga together.

Skinny dipping

Taking a late-night swim with no clothes on at a beach, lake or pool nearby sounds like a great way to catch the chills. But does it matter when you are with your spouse having a good time? No! Just don't do anything illegal.

Travel to a new place

Discovering great new spots or hidden places is a very memorable experience. This becomes a safe zone for both of you to go and clear your minds.

Visiting a graveyard

This may sound morbid - but hear me out! This will definitely have to be something that both you and your date find interesting. Otherwise, it can really creep out people that have strange views about graveyards. Many people find visiting graveyards and guessing what the lives of the deceased were like very fun and therapeutic. This date will strike an interesting conversation and give an opportunity to discuss what the future holds for both of you.  The questions is, will you go during the day or at night?

Register for a 5k run or walk

This may not be the idea of fun for some couples but those who are fitness-minded will enjoy this one. This another great way to stay active and fit alongside your partner. Personal and relationship growth and development is essential in supporting whatever your spouse takes part in.

Adopt a pet

Are you an animal lover? Visit your local animal shelter or animal store to adopt or purchase a pet. This is a great way for a pet to find a loving and friendly environment. Furthermore, it allows you and your spouse to bond over carefully selecting an animal as a pet.

Buy a puzzle or coloring books

This is more of a peaceful kind of date with minimal distractions and is budget-friendly. Remember to don’t color outside the lines and put on classical music to soothe your minds.

Go fishing or hiking

Never been fishing or hiking? It's a great opportunity to take advantage of by turning it into a date. It is a great way to teach each other a new skill and catch a few fish. Hiking is a good way of exploring all that nature has to offer and taking some awesome photos with your spouse. It is all about creating long-lasting memories to tell your kids someday. Overnight camping is not a bad idea either after a day of hiking and exploration. Be sure to pack the necessary tools and research on the dangers before camping in the wild.

Keep this list of date ideas close to you. Feel free to add your personal twist to each date idea so that the date can be specifically appealing to both you and your significant other. Some of these ideas can easily be transformed to a group dating or double-dating situation. These can be fun but be sure to do this with a couple that you actually like and have things in common with.  Hopefully these fun date activities will help you to know how to pick out or come up with something cool, different and memorable to do for your next night out with your spouse.

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