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Marital infidelity. It’s a phrase that no married person wants to hear, but it’s an unfortunate reality that some marriages are broken up by acts of infidelity on the part of one or both spouses. If you want to protect your marriage from infidelity, consider the following guide to what causes marital infidelity and what you can do to protect your marriage from such behavior.

Marital Infidelity: What Causes It?

There are many reasons why someone might choose to be unfaithful to their partner in marriage. Most spouses who are unfaithful do so because there is something in their marriage that is lacking; this lack will subsequently push them towards seeking out other people to fulfill what they are missing in their own marriage. Some of the most common causes behind marital infidelity in this regard include:

  • Lack of sexual intimacy

  • Lack of emotional connection/feelings of love

  • Feeling neglected due to partner who has a busy schedule

  • Partner who focuses on other people or themselves rather than their spouse

  • A marriage that feels "old" and stagnant

It’s important to know these causes so that you can do your best to protect your marriage from infidelity.

How to Protect Your Marriage from Infidelity

Your spouse may feel pushed toward infidelity if their needs are not being met or they otherwise feel neglected in some way, whether it’s in a physical sense (i.e., a lack of sex) or in an emotional sense. If you want to protect your marriage, consider the following tips that will help strengthen your marriage and greatly reduce the chances that your spouse will consider being unfaithful in the future.

Keep up a regular sex life

It’s important for both you and your spouse to feel sexually fulfilled through your marriage; this means maintaining a regular sex life that allows for you and your partner’s needs to be met.

Express your love for your partner in everyday things

Spouses who don’t feel loved are more likely to consider an affair to get emotional fulfillment from someone else. You can help prevent this by expressing your love for your partner even through everyday things, such as giving them surprise flowers or a surprise present; always telling them you love them before you leave for the day; showing your love through non-sexual affection (such as cuddling); etc.

Go out on dates with your spouse

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean your relationship has to get boring! Even if you’re married, make sure you're going out on dates with your spouse; this will keep your spark alive and make your spouse much less likely to consider looking for fulfillment elsewhere.

Make time for your spouse

Although you may have other people in your life that need you - such as your children, parents, siblings, etc. - it’s important to never let your spouse feel like they are "second best." Make time for them regularly by scheduling date nights (or even sex), considering their needs, and being willing to compromise and put them first when it’s reasonable.

Remember: protecting your marriage from infidelity will help keep your relationship strong for years to come.

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