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Your Husband's Needs and Wants

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One of the most important parts of your marriage is learning to understand what your husband wants - and what he needs as well. Knowing what husbands want is integral to a happy, successful and long-lasting marriage. The following guide will help you understand what husbands want and how to respond to those needs and wants for a happier marriage.

Friendship and companionship

Husbands want both friendship and companionship from their wives. While your friendship with your husband will be different than, say, his friendship with his guy friends - it is still a friendship that he needs, wants and generally craves. A solid friendship with your husband means that he will be able to come home, talk about his day, share his interests, and confide in you while knowing that you will be there for him.

If you want to ensure that your relationship is happier and more long-lasting, then make sure you consider your husband’s needs and wants in your ...

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