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Romance Ideas for Women

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What does romance mean to you? Is it going out to dinner with your better half and then taking both your favorite desserts to-go so that the two of you can eat it at home while watching your favorite tv show or movie? Or is it breakfast in bed? Maybe it’s taking a walk to your favorite marina hand in hand with your man on a clear summer day? Whatever your idea of romance is, it does feel good when it makes you both happy, and you know you have a good thing going. Romance is, after all, the big-ticket item when it comes to a long-lasting relationship and you can’t hope for a loving, happy and successful relationship without it.

It is also true that when you are with the right person, you feel a combination of all attractions. Your relationship feels stronger and real when you feel emotionally connected, when you are still drawn to your better half romantically, you value his opinion, you want to be close to him at all times even in a non-sexual way.

Also, you know that the romance in your relationship hasn’t fizzled out when they can still make you smile or laugh even after years of being together. Another sign of romantic attraction and perhaps the most significant one is that you find value in your partner's thoughts, views, opinions, and because you are attracted to the way their mind works, your life becomes richer with them in it. 

If this describes your loving relationship, then everyday romantic gestures ...

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