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How to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic and Why You Should

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Is your bedroom romantic? Chances are, if you’re like most married couples, then your bedroom is probably less than an ideal place for romance. There might be dirty socks on the floor, your kids' toys thrown around, stray water bottles, general clutter, the occasional food-wrapper-that-you-swear-you-didn’t-leave-out; in other words, not exactly the setting for a romantic rendezvous. However, making your bedroom more romantic is beneficial to your marriage and your relationship in the long run; let’s take a closer look at why you should be making your bedroom more romantic and some of the best ways to achieve this.

Why is A Romantic Bedroom Important?

First, it’s important to understand why a romantic bedroom is so important in the first place. A romantic bedroom is a place where you and your spouse can retire at the end of the day - or in the afternoon, if it catches your fancy - to cuddle, talk, and of course, enjoy some of that "special" time together. But if your bedroom is messy and just plain un-romantic, those special evenings are going to be less than fulfilling on every level. A romantic bedroom is a bedroom that encourages and cultivates romance and intimacy, and makes your time together special.

Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

Thankfully, there are many ways that you can make your bedroom more romantic. The following are some of the key, simplest ways that you can turn your boring, unromantic bedroom into the stuff that set designers on romance movies dream about.

Add mood lighting

One of the easiest ways to make your bedroom more romantic is to add some mood lighting. No one wants a bright, harsh light when it comes time for romance, after all. Mood lighting should be softer, so opt for softer, dimmer bulbs or purchase lamps with dimming shades that will bring the temperature of the lighting down a few notches. You can also hang up string lights, but opt for warmer lights so that they look less "fairy" and more "romance."  Adding a dimmer switch to your overhead lights is also an excellent idea.

Remove the clutter

You have to remove clutter if you want your bedroom to be romantic! It’s not very romantic to start kissing your spouse, only to look over and see a shelf stuffed with Funko Pop figurines. A sexy bedroom should be as clutter-free as possible, so find other spaces in the home for knick-knacks, stuffed bookshelves, and so on.  Consider having "clean spaces" in your home as well as spaces that are allowed to get a little messier.

Hang up blackout curtains

It’s not very romantic to wonder whether or not the neighbors can see in your windows, so you can ease this fear (and keep nosy neighbors at by) by hanging up some blackout curtains. Make sure you choose a color that fits your bedroom scheme.

Install some nice speakers for music

You can also really up the ante on your bedroom’s romance by installing some nice speakers to play music on. If you’re the type of couple that loves to have a favorite song playing while you’re enjoying time together, speakers is the best way to keep that romantic mood flowing.

An inviting bed

The bed is the center stage in your bedroom and deserves extra attention.  Be sure to have clean sheets and linens at all times.  Invest in high thread count sheets and fabrics that feel great to lay and move around on.  When you invite your spouse into bed with you  - for sleeping, or other activities - make sure the bed is inviting and appealing to all of your senses.  If your bed is getting old and lumpy, make sure you leave room in your budget to get it replaced.

Remember, a romantic bedroom is important: so take the above steps to make your bedroom more appealing today.

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