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Do you actually understand your wife’s sexual needs? It’s easy to become complacent when it comes to the sexual aspect of your marriage, but if you want your relationship to stay strong and long-lasting, you need to take a close look at whether or not you understand - and meet - your wife’s sexual needs. The following guide will help you better understand what your wife needs from you on a physical and emotional sexual level.

Understanding Your Wife’s Sexual Needs

Understanding your wife’s sexual needs is the stepping stone to actually meeting them. One of the keys to understanding your wife’s sexual needs is understanding that women’s sexual needs and men’s sexual needs are both similar yet different. Both women and men have physical and emotional sexual needs and, as a husband, you need to be prepared to meet both of these types of sexual needs for your wife.

Physical Sexual Needs

First, let’s talk about physical sexual needs. Although it’s more common for people to associate physical needs with men, as a husband, you need to understand that your wife has physical sexual needs just like you do! However, your wife’s physical sexual needs are often expressed differently due to the differences in women’s sexual responses compared to men.

Your wife’s physical sexual needs include fulfilling sex with orgasms, as well as the need to be warmed up into sex via physical attention, foreplay, and mood setting. Your wife’s body needs to warm up gradually for more enjoyable sex, and although some women do enjoy “quick” encounters, it’s important to remember her physical needs typically require more time and effort.

Your wife’s physical sexual needs do not begin and end with penetrative sex. In fact, studies have shown that many women cannot have satisfying orgasms - or orgasms at all - via penetrative sex alone. As a husband, you need to be in tune with your wife’s physicality. This means learning how to satisfy your wife on a physical basis that meets her needs rather than focusing solely on your experience as a man during sex.  Learn and do what works for her! This may take lots of frank discussion and practice, but as with anything that strengthens your relationship, it is well worth the effort.

Emotional Sexual Needs

You must also consider your wife’s emotional sexual needs. Emotional sexual needs are not something that most people talk about, but they do exist - and they need to be met - especially for women. Your wife’s emotional sexual needs include communication during sex, expressions of verbal love, as well as aftercare in the form of holding each other, cuddling and talking after the sex is finished. On an emotional level, your wife needs to feel loved and cared for, particularly during - and after - something that generates vulnerability such as sex.  Don't let sex just be the act itself.

Final Thoughts

Meeting your wife’s sexual needs is essential if you want your marriage to succeed and remain successful, happy and long-lasting for years to come. The above tips should help you better understand and therefore better satisfy your wife’s physical and emotional sexual needs.

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