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Finding and Building on Common Interests

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Do you share many common interests with your spouse, or does he or she have completely different passions, hobbies, and beliefs than yours? Compatibility has nothing to do with common interests. In fact, most couples find their difference in tastes, styles, and thoughts about life quite intriguing and that is what makes them very compatible. Compatibility, in a nutshell, has a lot to do with the fulfillment and joy you feel in your romantic relationship. When two people are compatible, they enjoy each other's company, they find it easy to talk to one another, and their respect for each other's views and opinions comes fairly easy. You are compatible with your better half if:

  • You respect your partner, and you don’t want to completely change them as an individual

  • There is no doubt in your mind that you love each other

  • You know intimate things about each other, and you're forgiving of their ...

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