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How to Build a More Loving Relationship

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Keeping the flame alive in a relationship can be challenging after a few years of marriage because life events tend to get in the way. You make everything else a priority and suddenly years have gone by and the next thing you know, there are rifts in your relationship, some hidden and some out in the open.

It is not uncommon to forget the small, but significant gestures that make your partner feel more valued every day. Technology has taken over, where a couple is glued to their phones or social media accounts while having dinner together. And in order to fulfill their financial obligations, couples are more focused on building careers and forgetting that their better half also needs their undivided attention.

It is a balancing act that is challenging for many couples, but the key to unlocking this dilemma is not feeling that you have to choose one over the other, but instead finding a way of balancing everything better.


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