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A sexless marriage is frustrating for both spouses. But what do you do when your wife isn’t interested in sex? The following tips will help you understand what may cause a sexless marriage and what you should do when your wife is no longer interested in sex.

What causes a decline in sexual interest?

First, you need to understand the root causes behind a lack of sexual interest from your wife. Understanding why your wife isn’t interested in sex is crucial when it comes to addressing the problem. The following are the most common causes behind a lack of interest in sex from your wife; healthy communication is typically the key to discovering which one (or more) of these issues may be causing the problem.

Physical libido decline

Your wife may be less interested in sex due to a decline in her physical libido. Libido decline can be caused by a variety of things, including but not limited to: medications, physical illness, hormone imbalance, and aging. If your wife has started new medications recently or is experiencing physical symptoms, they may be the culprit behind a declining interest in sex.

Lack of sexual attraction

Although this can be a harsh concept to face, in some cases, your wife may be feeling less attracted to you sexually. When this is the case, she may be less interested in sex. A decline in her sexual attraction for you could be related to changes in your physical appearance, such as weight gain or changes to appearance such as growing/shaving facial hair.

Feeling stagnant/stale in sexual relationship

Your wife may be feeling that your sex life is boring, stale - and is therefore no longer interesting. It can be hard for your wife to feel interested in sex if your sex life feels stagnate and otherwise in a rut.

Desire for more emotional/intimate connection

It is also possible that your wife is not interested in sex because she feels that the emotional, intimate side of your relationship is lacking. She may feel that the physical side of sex is not "clicking" due to a lack of emotional connection and lack of fulfillment on an emotional level.

What should you do when your wife isn’t interested in sex?

If your wife is not interested in sex, you need to follow the below 3 steps.

Communicate your concerns

Communication is key. In a neutral situation - that is, not when you are interested in sex or when your wife has indicated she’s not up for sex at the moment - ask your wife to sit down and talk about your concerns.

Discern the reason for declining interest

During this communication, you and your wife need to work towards finding out the reason for her declining interest in sex. It’s important to allow your wife to be honest without judging her or reacting harshly.

Work on resolutions and compromises

Finally, you and your wife can work on resolutions and compromises based on what you have found out through your communication efforts. It may take time, but with proper communication and compromise, you and your wife will be on the right track.

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