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We do not always have the money to go to that fancy restaurant, stay at an all-inclusive hotel for a weekend, or to go to a concert. There is always something else that requires more attention - a utility bill, health insurance, or a mortgage to pay. Suddenly you and your spouse become too preoccupied with everything that dates are rarely even a thing anymore. When or where do we take a break from the bustling of our everyday lives to spend time with our spouse? 

Do you like long walks on the beach? Hanging out at your favorite chill spot and having something tasty to eat or drink? Or are you a homebody? Stay in and watch movies while popping popcorn. What about an indoor or outdoor picnic? Or playing one of your childhood games or maybe more? Playing video games or attending a football game? Here are some cheap date ideas that will cost you very little, perhaps nothing at all.  Don't let a lack of funds keep you two from going out on dates - just lower your dating expenses with these great tips. 

Walks on The Beach 

For those nature lovers out there, a walk on the beach does not sound like a bad idea. There is something about the smell of saltwater lingering in the air and the sand between your toes and feet. The sound of seagulls squawking and the swooshing of the waves on the seashore. Children laugh as they play in the water and create sandcastles along the shoreline. What a better way to spend an evening with your significant other - holding hands, walking barefoot, and watching the sunset on the crystal-clear blue waters. At the end of it all, include a surprise trip to the ice cream parlor and eat it on the roof of your car on the top of a hill or mountain.  

Karaoke Night

There is joy in hearing others singing in front of a crowd. Want to give a try? Why not? Karaoke can be done at home or your local chill spot. Take the shower singing to a whole new level. Slap on your favorite jam, a good size screen, a microphone, and let us do a sing-along! Enjoy it with just the two of you or invite your family and friends for even greater laughter and fun. Make sure to sing your heart out! This is a great way to get rid of those stress hormones and live a little. This becomes the perfect date when you and your spouse can enjoy each others' company in the comfort of your own home or your favorite local spot with $0.00 spent. 

Home Movie Night

There are so many streaming options these days.  Check out the latest movies on the services you subscribe to for a no-cost movie night or rent a movie for just a few bucks from one of the many other movie streaming services available.  Pop in a chick-flick, comedy or action movie, grab some popcorn, an oversized blanket, and your spouse for a date night in. Take a load off and enjoy the pleasures of binge-watching endless shows and movies. Hey! Who said cuddling was overrated? This is one of the best ways to stay indoors and spend time with your spouse. 

Movie Marathon 

Do not forget the gummy bears, chips, nachos, and cheese, and drinks to pull off the ultimate movie marathon! There cannot be movies without food, screams, good laughter, and your partner. How would you spend your weekend? Here are some of the best movie marathon suggestions: 

  • The Twilight Saga

  • Harry Potter

  • Star Wars

  • The Matrix

  • X-Men

  • Lord of The Rings 

  • Spiderman 

  • Jurassic Park 

  • Rush Hour 

Pull Out Your Red-Checkered Blanket!

It may sound cliché, but I assure you it is not. Grab a blanket, a wicker basket, an assortment of snacks and treats, and your spouse. Take a drive to your nearest park or favorite spot, go exploring or simply park yourselves in your own back yard. Pull out your blanket and enjoy a picnic date with your spouse under the warmth of the sun. Play games, speak about your life goals, bask in what nature has to offer, and remember to laugh a little, or even a lot. This is a great way to bond and communicate with your spouse without any distractions in the comfort of the trees and birds. You can never go wrong with nature - unless it starts to rain. Remember this can be done in the comfort of your home as well, clear out the living room, and set up on an overcast evening to set the mood and pace. 

Hide-And-Seek with a Twist 

We all played hide-and-seek when we were growing up as kids. This game always brought laughter and sometimes tears for others, but it was never a dull moment. It may seem childish but hear me out, will ya? How about a date where you play hide and seek but with a TWIST! I bet you never saw that coming. This can be done indoors or outdoors, whichever you choose. What do I mean by twist? Introduce your own rules, the first partner to find their spouse they must do a dare. Or if your spouse loses, he/she will have to cook dinner. Remember you make the rules and you decide how you want the game to end. Who knew hide and seek could be so fun?

Paint/Water War 

Get ready to become a hot mess after this cheap date idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to run your partner down with a water gun or hose? Or better yet paint? All you need for this date, is water guns, of course, water, proper gear, and/or paint. Let the games begin! Make sure you turn off the water when you're done so you don't have a big spike on the water bill - but it will all be worth it in the end. Why stop there? Bring out the kiddie pool, DIY waterslide, and/or obstacle course for a greater outcome. Turn your backyard or front yard into the ultimate, craziest water/paint theme park ever! If you have children, think about including them for more fun and games. 

DIY Drive-In Movie Theater 

You always see in movies where the guy takes the girl to a drive-in movie theater somewhere in a park or large area. If you have those three things, why not recreate a moment such as that as a date? Again, this can be done at home or a large grassy area nearby. A projector screen or a large white sheet, projector, or any electronic device, boombox or surround sound system, and lounge chairs. All set! Do not forget the concession stand loaded with snacks, candy, and drinks!


A lover of sports? Yes! Well, take your spouse to see a football or baseball game, a cricket match, or a track and field meet, etc. Cheer for the opposing team or go buck wild. Dress up in team colors, paint your faces, the whole bit - why not?  Sit and watch the players with your spouse as you bond over the game and a few concessions.  

Video Games 

Mario Cart, PUGB, Need for Speed and Call of Duty are some of the best multiplayer games the gaming world has to offer. Not all dates have to be traditional, they can be untraditional sometimes too. Playing video games as a date with your spouse is the ideal date for the untraditional married couple. Visit an arcade; Buzzers, Chuckie Cheese, and/or Funspot Family Entertainment Center to indulge in racing, shooting, boxing games, and much more. According to Guinness World Record, Weirs Beach, New Hampshire, USA, is home to the largest games arcade in the world - Funspot Family Entertainment Center, also known as Funspot. Funspot had over 500 classic and new games spanning over three floors and holds over 250 working arcade machines including Computer Space (1971) and Pong (1972). If you love to play arcade games, this is the place to plan your next date.  

Which idea will you try next for ‘cheap dates’? Ice skating, go-karting, bicycle riding, rollerblading, card/board games, cook-out challenge, fly kites, Tik-Tok, or window shopping? It does not have to be elaborate or expensive or somewhere far from home, it can even be done in the comfort of your home. A simple 3-course meal or a bubble bath in candlelight with soft music or sharing a hobby. Whichever you choose, I am sure it will be a memorable date with your spouse at no cost to you and your spouse.

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