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Remember back to when you were dating and engaged?  Things were exciting and fun.  Oftentimes after years of marriage we get into a little rut and things become routine and boredom sets in.  Being married should be fun for you and your spouse! Here are 5 great ways to have a little more married fun.

1. Date Night

Married life is more than just sex - it's about being there for each other and spending time together. One of the best ways that you could spend time with your husband or wife is by taking them out for dinner. You don't have to go overboard - even McDonalds or Taco Bell will work fine as long as you're focussed on making it enjoyable for each other. Enjoying food together at a fast food place or fancy restaurant, or even at your own house, will help you both enjoy your married life and have more fun together.

2. Take a Vacation

Your honeymoon is not the only time when you should go on vacation together.  After the honeymoon it is even more important for you and your spouse to take time away together. You don't have to go to a fancy destination like London or Paris to have a great time.  Try going somewhere more unexpected, like Pakistan, Costa Rica, Nepal or even Iceland.  What's important is that you take a break from life and experience each other more fully before reality has to hit.

3. Have More Sex

One of the best ways to make your married life more fun is by having more sex. There's no denying how much fun sex can be. If you haven't been having sex as much as you used to then it is time to talk a little dirty with your partner and encourage them to indulge in one of the best things in life.

Seduce your partner if you have to :) If your spouse hasn't been feeling it lately then maybe it's time for you to pull out the sexy lingerie that you bought and if they're not in the mood then give him or her a sensual massage. It will surely turn them on and they will be more likely to want to be intimate with you.

4. Try New Sex Positions

Having sex regularly using the same old positions can quickly become boring - it's important to try new sex positions. There are many sex positions which you can try out beyond just missionary.

Try new sex positions and find out which positions your spouse and you like the most. It's important to discuss these topics openly with your spouse so you're on the same page and there are no hard feelings when expectations are not met.  Don't be shy - try new sexual positions with your spouse and they will be grateful for your initiative.

5. Think about Children

If children are in your future - know that raising a child together can be both a challenge and so much fun. It's natural for married couples to think about whether children are right for them.  It helps improve the love that you have for one another. Think of raising a child as a fun activity for the two of you. It will help bring more meaning into your life and add more love to the already love-filled life that you have. Having kids is a fulfilling part of life and undoubtedly will bring more fun into your home.

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