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Sometimes it seems like life is keeping you too busy for anything outside of work, eat, sleep - and repeat. Unfortunately, this type of busy schedule affects more than just your ability to do extracurricular things or vacuum the house: it can keep you and your spouse from having sex as well. What do you do when you’re too busy for sex? The following guide will help you out!

The downsides of being “too busy for sex”

First, a quick detour into exactly why being “too busy for sex” can take such a toll on your marriage. Regular sex is part of a healthy relationship, and when you aren’t able to have regular sex with your spouse, you are missing out on some crucial emotional and physical bonding that can keep your relationship strong. When you are too busy for sex, you are essentially saying that you’re too busy for your spouse.

How to incorporate sex into your busy life

Thankfully, there are multiple ...

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