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Dating is just as important for married couples as it is for couples before marriage. As Married couples, you should go on dates together often to help you keep your marriage healthy and your relationship loving and fun. Going out often on dates can be difficult for a lot of reasons, but we're here to make dating easier. Married Fun has all the best date ideas under one roof (over 600 of them!)

Don't settle for "Dinner and a Movie" every time you go out, use Married Fun to find great date ideas and to plan out your dates. We provide a variety of methods to get you started:

  • Our FREE Date Idea Generator helps you quickly find things to do for your next date.
  • You can also browse through all our date ideas alphabetically, by category or by tag below.
  • The Married Fun Date Planner (requires starter membership) lets you pick from hundreds of great date ideas and activities to put together a date plan, including times and places for each of the activities you choose.
  • The Date Idea Sorter (requires premium membership) is another tool that allows you to sort through all our date ideas by certain criteria, like price, to see a short list of great date ideas.
  • Finally, Our FREE Dating Dashboard pulls all our dating tools and content together along with a high level view of your planned dates and more (advanced features require membership).

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Featured Date Idea: Basketball (watching on Tv)

Try These Date Ideas

Snowmobiling date idea
Snowmobiling is a date that you can do only when there is ample snow on the ground. However, if you're up for a road trip, you can always travel to wherever there's snow. The fun of snowmobiling is ...
Laser Tag date idea
If you're searching for a date idea to get your blood flowing, laser tag is it. You run around an obstacle course while trying to shoot a laser gun at each other. The goal is to hit the other as many ...
Tourist Attractions date idea
Every city has tourist attractions that you can visit. The tourist attractions in your area might include museums, theaters, and amusement parks. Search online to see what are the most popular ...
Cryptography / Secret Codes date idea
Who doesn't love the idea of understanding and being able to communicate is secret codes? There are a lot of codes and languages that you can learn for fun. What about having secret codes with the ...
Water Balloon Fight date idea
A water balloon fight is a perfect answer for a sweltering hot summer day. Fill up as many balloons as you can with water before going outside. Each of you should have the same amount of balloons to ...
Bikini Wax date idea
If it's summertime and you're planning on going to the beach, a bikini wax is a must-do date. But don't be confused, bikini waxes aren't just so you can wear that swimsuit, he's sure to love the ...
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